Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Late February Twisted Sprint Report

Good news everyone,

Last month, Twisted held another very successful sprint.  A late write-up is better than no write-up, so here's what went on.

In attendance were Glyph, Tenth, Itamar, Mike Handverger, Luke, and myself (Jean-Paul).  Remotely, Jonathan J. and Stephen Thorne helped out.  Quite a few tickets were worked on, and various reviews were done as well.  Here's a list (bold indicates now closed):

#2036 - trial runs tests from .pyc files even if there is no .py file
#3834 - TCP client howto missing in one code sample#3844 - Parse IRC format codes
#3948 - does not exit
#4008 - Most examples in documentation do not log messages and errors
#4520 - pb.CopiedFailure.throwExceptionIntoGenerator breaks in Python 2.6.
#4817 - IPv4Address and UNIXAddress not-equal comparison is broken
#4823 - Clock should re-sort pending calls when one of them is reset
#4836 - Make _getFunction method public in t.w.xmlrpc.XMLRPC
#4864 - Improve lore2sphinx buildbot results for `projects/core/howto/logging.xhtml`
 #4865 - Improve lore2sphinx buildbot results for `projects/core/howto/quotes.xhtml`

As I'm writing up this report at the March Twisted Sprint, look forward to another one of these real soon now. :)

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