Friday, September 26, 2008

Summary of September Sponsored Twisted Development

Another round (the fourth) of sponsored Twisted development has just wrapped up.

I had a lot of excellent help again from Thomas Hervé and Thijs Triemstra. Thomas is a great reviewer and Thijs has been making steady progress on resolving lots of documentation tickets.

Here are the tickets I spent time developing:

#1068 - UNIX Port creation has race condition in permission setting code
#1382 - twisted.web.client.HTTPClientFactory sends Host header (and others) more than once
#1903 - Twisted doesn't reset timeout when getting POST data
#2542 - twisted.web.microdom.Node.isEqualToNode does no actual comparison
#2683 - twisted/web/ has self._header instead of self.__header
#2878 - Intermittent unclean errors from twisted.test.test_ftp.FTPServerPasvDataConnectionTestCase.testTwoDirLIST on OS X
#2947 - intermittent twisted.test.test_pb.NSPTestCase.test_NSP failure on OS X
#2974 - twisted.vfs.test.test_vfs.OSVFSTest.setUp does not close the files it opens
#2976 - twisted.mail.smtp.xtext_encode and xtext_decode take the wrong number of arguments
#3133 - Whois function for the ircclient class
#3211 - twisted.python.log.showwarning doesn't take the new line argument added in Python 2.6
#3222 - Intermittent failure of twisted.test.test_twistd.AppProfilingTestCase.test_profileSaveStats on Windows
#3223 - twisted.trial.unittest.TestCase.assertWarns always fails when the C warnings module_ new in Python trunk_ is in use
#3239 - Intermittent failure of twisted.test.test_iutils.UtilsTestCase.testOutputWithErrorIgnored on Windows
#3266 - Provide tools for managing new deprecation policy
#3402 - Intermittent failure of twisted.test.test_tcp.LocalRemoteAddressTestCase.test_hostAddress on OS X
#3404 - twisted.test.test_process.ProcessTestCase.testManyProcesses fails on WinXP
#3416 - rename `twisted.web2.iweb.IOldRequest` to `twisted.web.iweb.IRequest`
#3424 - Intermittent failure of twisted.names.test.test_names.ServerDNSTestCase.testZoneTransfer on OS X
#3426 - twisted/internet/test/ tests which might fail while waiting for an event should use runReactor instead of

As you can see, work improving Twisted Web continues here. There's also been some long-needed fixes to tests in the suite which fail intermittently on various platforms. With more of these problems resolved, it gets easier and easier to determine if new proposed changes introduce any regressions.

Of course, I reviewed a lot of tickets over the last few weeks as well. Here they are:

#532 - Big jump from to in tutorial.
#1124 - getHost and getPeer not needed for IProcessTransport
#1157 - web.http.HTTPClient does not support chunked transfer-encoding
#1262 - Document Twisted copyright policy
#1328 - People keep asking about _trial_temp
#1852 - Replace uses of @ivar in interfaces with z.i.Attribute
#1853 - Fix/eliminate @cvar in Interfaces.
#2026 - Edit the twisted.internet docstring to make contents clearer
#2500 - Add @since to the coding standard
#2514 - Documentation bug in the list of possible classes
#2555 - Documentation update: deferred results in PB
#2909 - Document XXX Comment Policy
#3045 - Coding standard should forbid the use of "foo %s" % notATuple
#3197 - is incompletely documented
#3236 - Remove the FAQ from doc/core/howto_ since it is a duplicate of the FAQ wiki page
#3254 - twisted.python.deprecate does the wrong thing for methods
#3315 - t.p.reflect.safe_repr includes the wrong traceback and misformats the return value
#3382 - coding-standard.xhtml mislinks to twisted.python.compat
#3414 - Coding standard refers to old tools
#3415 - Get rid of X{} references in docstrings
#3422 - Remove acceptance tests in coding standard
#3423 - Get rid of references to old admin tools
#3435 - XmlStream should be convenient to use in a server context where there should be one authenticator per connection
#3446 - Infinite loop/memory-usage in irc.split()

These tickets represent a lot of good work by other Twisted developers (and you can see there are a lot of documentation tickets here, almost all the work of Thijs!).

I also spent a bit of time cleaning up our issue tracker. When you've been keeping track of bugs and feature requests for more than five years, it's hard to avoid having a certain amount of invalid tickets pile up. It's a bit of a drag going through the issue tracker to try to find these, but it's well worth while (and I can't expect everything to be fun ;).

That's it for this time. I'll be back with another report in about a month.