Friday, February 5, 2016

Jan '16 SFC Sponsored Development (HawkOwl)

Hi everyone!

The Twisted Fellowship, for this time, has come to an end, and as such, here is my final report.

Tickets reviewed/merged:
  • #8140 (merged): DummyRequest is out of sync with the real Request
  • #7943 (reviewed, merged): Remove usage of microdom
  • #8132 (reviewed, merged): Port twisted.web.vhost to Python 3
  • #7993 (reviewed, merged): Port twisted.web.wsgi to Python 3
  • #8173 (merged): Twisted does not have a code of conduct

Tickets triaged:
  • (braid) #66 - Drop the Fedora 17 and Fedora 18 builders
  • (braid) #22 - Properly install twisted's trac plugins
  • - #7813 (closed, already done) - twisted.trial.test.test_doctest should be ported to python3
Tickets worked on:
  • (braid) #168 (done on branch) - Install Trac GitHub plugin
  • (braid) #169 (done on branch) - In 'staging' GitHub repo add the webhook to poke the 'staging' Trac
  • (braid) #167 (done on branch) - Create staging Trac
  • (braid) #139 (done on branch) - Manage git mirror repo used by Trac using braid
  • (braid) #1 (done on branch) - Use virtualenvs in deployment
  • (braid) #164 (work in progress) - Migrate Twisted SVN accounts to GitHub twisted/twisted
  • (braid) #178 (work in progress) - Migrate to BuildBot Nine
  • (braid) #142 (work in progress) - Migrate IRC announcements from Kenaan
  • (braid) #185 (merged) - Add dns entry for
Even though we didn't get the Git migration done in time for the end of the fellowship, I am happy to report that it is in a much closer and much better known state than before. If you would like to assist in getting some of the work done above reviewed and merged, drop by !

- Amber

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January 2016 - SFC Sponsored Development

This is my report for the work done in January 2016 as part of the Twisted Maintainer Fellowship program.
It is my last report of the Twisted Maintainer Fellowship 2015 program.

With this fellowship the review queue size was reduced and the review round-trips were done much quicker.
This fellowship has produced the Git/GitHub migration plan but has failed to finalize its execution.

Tickets reviewed and merged

* #7671 - It is way too hard to specify a trust root combining multiple certificates, especially to HTTP
* #7993 - Port twisted.web.wsgi to Python 3
* #8140 - twisted.web.test.requesthelper.DummyRequest is out of sync with the real Request
* #8148 - Deprecate twisted.protocols.mice
* #8173 - Twisted does not have a code of conduct
* #8180 - Conch integration tests fail because DSA is deprecated in OpenSSH 7.
* #8187 - Use a less ancient OpenSSL method in twisted.test.test_sslverify

Tickets reviewed and not merged yet

* #7889 - replace win32api.OpenProcess and win32api.FormatMessage with cffi
* #8150 - twisted.internet.ssl.KeyPair should provide loadPEM
* #8159 - twisted.internet._win32serialport incompatible with pyserial 3.x
* #8169 - t.w.static.addSlash does not work on Python 3
* #8188 - Advertise H2 via ALPN/NPN when available.

Thanks to the Software Freedom Conservancy and all of the sponsors who made this possible, as well as to all the other Twisted developers who helped out by writing or reviewing code.