Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Twisted Show: Episode 3

In our third installment, we have interviewed Synthesis Studios of Boston, MA. Co-founder Raffi Krikorian gave a fabulous interview with some phenomenal Twisted sound bites. We'll definitely be quoting him!

One of my favorite bits was the value Raffi sees in Twisted as a tool for improving the actual mind of the software developer; in particular, finding "outside the box" solutions to challenging problems.

Check out the interview from either the wiki page or the Twisted Show blog...

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April 20th Sprint Report

Hello all,

The first TSF sponsored Twisted sprint is done. Here's a quick rundown of some of the things that happened (this is the same summary as I sent to the mailing list so you can skip it if you already read it there).
  • Glyph Lefkowitz made a huge dent in the current review queue, dealing with more than half of the outstanding tickets.
  • After some discussion about the value of a bugfix-only release vs a normal bugfix and feature enhancement release, Christopher Armstrong got the wheels rolling on 8.1.0 (which will be of the latter type). You probably already saw the pre1 announcement. Give it a spin!
  • Paul Swartz continued to strive towards the goal of Twisted Conch being as soft and cuddly as a little bunny rabbit.
  • Ying Li worked on permission and ownership features for FilePath.
  • Jeff Mancuso came by for a while and talked about Twisted Conch performance (and did some benchmarks) and SFTP access control issues.
  • Roland Hedberg got his hands dirty in pyOpenSSL working on adding an API to get arbitrary X509v3 extensions.
  • Itamar Shtull-Trauring helped out all around.
  • I finished fixing some reactor startup and shutdown issues introduced in 8.0.
We also discussed Twisted's backwards compatibility policy, guided mostly by Jonathan Lange's email of the 18th to this list, with the goal of creating an official document.

The next sprint is tentatively scheduled for May 18th at the Divmod office.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Founding Sponsors Window Closes May 15th

Current Founding Sponsors: You guys rock! Thanks!

Potential Founding sponsors: You too can rock, but you only have a limited window of opportunity in which to do so!

We were going to set the deadline to April 30th, but we've been so busy working with those of you that have been sponsoring that we didn't get the chance (just look at those awesome logos on the front page!) to send out an email. We wanted to provide people and companies with a 30 day notice, so May 15th it is.

Thanks again, everyone -- you are helping make Twisted a thriving project that gives you more and more of what you need.

Originally posted on the Twisted Python mail list.

Update: Thanks to feedback from Grig Gheorghiu, we now have two domains that direct to the TSF page:

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