Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Twisted 14.0.1 & 14.0.2 Released

On behalf of Twisted Matrix Laboratories, I’m releasing Twisted 14.0.1, a security release for Twisted 14.0. It is strongly suggested that users of 14.0.0 upgrade to this release.

This patches a bug in Twisted Web’s Agent, where BrowserLikePolicyForHTTPS would not honour the trust root given, and would use the system trust root instead. This would have broken, for example, attempting to pin the issuer for your HTTPS application because you only trust one issuer.

Note: on OS X, with the system OpenSSL, you still can't fully rely on this API for issuer pinning, due to modifications by Apple — please see for more details.

You can find the downloads at (or alternatively The NEWS file is also available at

Thanks for Alex Gaynor for discovering the bug, Glyph & Alex for developing a patch, and David Reid for reviewing it.

14.0.2 is a bugfix patch for distributors, that corrects a failing test in the patch for 14.0.1.

Twisted Regards,

Edit, 22nd Sep 2014: CVE-2014-7143 has been assigned for this issue.