Monday, April 4, 2016

Twisted 16.1 Released

On behalf of Twisted Matrix Laboratories, I am honoured to announce the release of Twisted 16.1!

This release is hot off the heels of 16.0 released last month, including some nice little tidbits. The highlights include:
  • twisted.application.internet.ClientService, a service that maintains a persistent outgoing endpoint-based connection -- a replacement for ReconnectingClientFactory that uses modern APIs;
  • A large (77% on one benchmark) performance improvement when using twisted.web's client on PyPy;
  • A few conch modules have been ported to Python 3, in preparation for further porting of the SSH functionality;
  • Full support for OpenSSL 1.0.2f and above;
  • t.web.http.Request.addCookie now accepts Unicode and bytes keys/values;
  • twistd manhole no longer uses a hard-coded SSH host key, and will generate one for you on the fly (this adds a 'appdirs' PyPI dependency, installing with [conch] will add it automatically);
  • Over eighteen tickets overall closed since 16.0.
For more information, check the NEWS file (link provided below).

You can find the downloads on PyPI (or alternatively our website). The NEWS file is also available on GitHub.

Many thanks to everyone who had a part in this release - the supporters of the Twisted Software Foundation, the developers who contributed code as well as documentation, and all the people building great things with Twisted!

Twisted Regards,
Amber Brown (HawkOwl)