Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ITA, The Twisted Foundation Rockstar

This is amazing: the Software Freedom Conservancy has just received a Twisted sponsorship check from ITA... and it's a big one: $20,000!

ITA is our first Diamond-level sponsor!

We are deeply grateful and excited that our project means so much to people and businesses.

We expect to be able to share some good news about Google, Canonical, and Microsoft in the next week or two, so stay tuned :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twisted in the News

More Thoughts on Concurrency

The folks at isotoma took some time to thoughtfully respond to my inquiry for more information on the areas where they felt that Twisted was lacking in support of concurrency. This was a fabulous read. Really well done with some hilarious Steve Yegge quotes. I encourage everyone to check it out (but I won't spoil the ending :-) For related reading, you might want to check out these PDFs (thanks Allen Short!):

Software Releases

The open source world has seen some Twisted-related software releases:


We got a mention in Jon Resig's blog post about Mozilla Build and Test Integration as one of the projects that uses Buildbot. Sadly, he failed to mention that Buidlbot itself is built with Twisted ;-)


Zenoss, a Founding Sponsor of the Twisted Software Foundation, has issues a press release about their support of Twisted. Additionally, we're now sponsored by three subsidiaries (Contentinople, Internet Evolution, and Light Reading) of the publishing megacorp UBM (formerly CMP).


Divmod has a new web site up, where they announce that they're officially providing specialized Twisted services in the form of consulting (full disclosure: I work for Divmod).

Friday, May 9, 2008

Zenoss' Twisted Press Release

Get it while it's hot: Zenoss Announces Membership in the TSF.

It's exciting to see companies supporting Twisted like this; increasing exposure to the community's efforts is one of the best things that can be done by organizations using Twisted.

Thanks Zenoss!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Twisted in the News

An Inflection Point

In a recent blog post, the London-based Isotoma consulting firm gave Twisted a mention. Their post was a commentary on Tim Bray's Multi-Inflection-Point Alert, a concise run-down on what's going on with internet tech, as he puts, "right now."

Isotoma had this to say:
"We’re a lot further down this particular inflection curve than most, I think. We make heavy use of Twisted, a single-threaded cooperatively multitasking network programming system that specifically addresses the threading problem."
They went on to mention that it doesn't seem like a complete solution. I'd love to hear their comments on where they find it lacking, what they'd like to see supported -- either specific features or general thoughts on the future of computing in the consulting industry.

Imitation and Flattery

Ruby has something called EventMachine and was described as implementing the "Twisted-introduced" deferred pattern in a nutrun post.

Mashed and Twisted?

Twisted and Nevow made a mashup list on InnovationStartups' blog of 120+ Web Development Resources. Also on the list were launchpad, rBuilder, Ohloh, Ruby on Rails, MochiKit, Django and Zope.

Scratch that Itch!

Jesse Noller blogs about Bruce Eckle's latest Twisted mention, saying "Dangit Bruce gave me the twisted itch again."

Bruce Eckle talks about Concurrency with Python, Twisted, and Flex in his Artima Developer post, where he also mentions PyAMF (which I helped update the Twisted docs for :-)). Bruce takes a quick look at asynchronous programming, object brokering with Twisted, and XML-RPC. I wish he'd used twisted.application.service instead of running the reactor directly, but hey -- it's a great Twisted post about stuff that lots of people are using right now :-)

New Users

Paul Stevens blogged about setting up Twisted on his mac. He's now off to the races :-) Good luck, Paul! Be sure to stop by IRC and/or post messages on the mail list with questions...

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