Thursday, July 29, 2021

Twisted 21.7.0 Released

 On behalf of the Twisted contributors I announce the final release of Twisted 21.7.0

This is mostly a bugfix release.

Python 3.5 is no longer a supported platform.
The minimum supported platform is Python 3.6.7.

The notable features are:
  • Python 3.10 beta is now a supported platform and should be ready for the final 3.10 release.
  • twisted.web.template.renderElement() now accepts any IRequest implementer instead of only twisted.web.server.Request. Add type hints to twisted.web.template. (#10184)
  • Type hinting was added to twisted.internet.defer, making this the first release  of Twisted where you might reasonably be able to use mypy without your own custom stub files. (#10017)
The full release notes are available at

Documentation is available at

Wheels for the release candidate are available on PyPI

    python -m pip install Twisted==21.7.0

Many thanks to everyone who had a part in Twisted - the supporters of the Twisted Software Foundation, the developers, and all the people testing and building great things with Twisted!

Enjoy the release

-Adi Roiban