Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twisted 11.1.0 has been released!

Twisted Matrix Laboratories is proud to announce the release of Twisted 11.1, thanks to the efforts of our release manager Thomas HervĂ©.

Highlights of the 185 tickets closed include:

  • The poll() reactor as default where applicable, instead of select() everywhere.
  • A new SSL implementation only relying on OpenSSL for cryptography, (not I/O) making it more robust.
  • Several improvements to the fresh HTTP/1.1 client implementation, including proxy and cookie support.
  • Thomas' personal favorite: a new howto has been published on test-driven development with Twisted.
  • A new abortConnection() method for immediately closing TCP and SSL connections, the oldest ticket closed by this release.
For more information, see the NEWS file. Note that this is the last release supporting Python 2.4 (the support on Windows stopped with 11.0).

Thanks to the supporters who have donated to Twisted via the Software Freedom Conservancy, and to the many contributors for this release! Download it now: