Saturday, January 9, 2016

December 2015 second half - SFC Sponsored Development

This is my report for the work done in the second half of December as part of the 2015 Twisted Maintainer Fellowship program.

Important changes made in these weeks

* The Git migration plan was approved.

Git Migration tasks

* Update and add new tickets in twisted-infra/braid for the Git migration plan
* twisted-infra/braid #164- Plan SVN account migration

Tickets reviewed and merged

* #8129 - twisted.web.http_headers.Headers should work on bytes and Unicode
* #8138 - twisted.conch.endpoints._NewConnectionHelper leaks agent connection
* #8145 - Remove the deprecated gtkreactor
* #8154 - Update doc references to new logger

Tickets reviewed and not merged yet

* #7671 - it is way too hard to specify a trust root combining multiple certificates, especially to HTTP
* #7993 - 'twisted.web.wsgi' should be ported to Python 3
* #8025 - Make Trial work on Windows+Python3
* #8143- HTTP/2 Part 1: New IRequest interface
* #8160 - twisted.conch.ssh.agent is missing some request and response types

Thanks to the Software Freedom Conservancy and all of the sponsors who made this possible, as well as to all the other Twisted developers who helped out by writing or reviewing code.