Saturday, December 10, 2011

November Sprint Report

November saw another successful Sprint at the offices, thanks to a smaller but extremely busy group of developers:

Reviewmeister(ess) Jessica McKellar secured second place in the Twisted High Score list with an impressive number of reviews, including:
  • #3037: "loseWriteConnection breaks loseConnection" (now resolved)
  • #4262: "Multicast documentation is misleading" (now resolved)
  • #538: "Website-template.tpl is out of date"
She also resolved #1247: ("kqreactor timeout error (traceback)"), and opened #5385, #5386, and #5387, while resolving #5060: ("Correct python requirement in twisted/topfiles/").

Not to mention all the tickets reviewed at recent Sprints which have since been resolved! (Though, to mention them anyway, #1247, #2115, #2447, #2498, #2507, and #5370)

Eternal High Score Overlord JP Calderone made a fair showing as well, finishing #5371 ("In the developer guide, forbid new global reactor unit tests"), and splitting #4671 ("sometimes I want to have some constant values that are part of a set") into more managable tickets:
  • #5382: "Provide a library for valueless named constants"
  • #5383: "Provide a library for simple valued named constants"
  • #5384: "Provide a library for bitvector-like valued named constants"
Of which #5382 and #5383 saw immediate progress.

Returning Champion Sprinter Paul Swartz reviewed and otherwise worked on several tickets, including:
  • #2997: "Conch and getPeer"
  • #5352: "Do not register overlapping old DH key exchange messages"
  • #1902: "Compatibility work-around for commercial SSH 2.0.12 misbehaviours"
  • #3242: "Use python 2.5 'spwd' module instead of z3p secret 'shadow' module when available"
One-word Twisted celebrity Glyph was also on hand to assist with the reviews of #3242, #5382, and #1918

With considerably more words in his name, Itamar Turner-Trauring started porting a Nevow branch with IRI support (internationalized URLs) to Twisted as per ticket #5388, as well as helping resolve #3037 with Jessica.

Finally, Glyph, Itamar, and Dave Sturgis conferred on #288, and the related cluster of web-resource-model issues it involves; It is hoped that this will eventually result in a new Web Server URL Traversal API, or WSURLTA, not to be confused with the nordic kraken-headed demigod of lore.