Monday, March 28, 2011

March (post PyCon) Twisted Sprint Report

We held a small but productive and successful Twisted sprint, kindly hosted once again by tenth, and attended by glyph, exarkun, jesstess and lewq.

The aim of the sprint was to do the first pre-release of Twisted 11.0 - and we managed to resolve almost all of the blocking tickets, so a partial success. :-)

One of the two main themes of the work was the twisted.web templating code, which got tidied up and properly documented - there's a new tutorial (temporarily available at, which demonstrates this neat little templating engine in action. The other theme was completing and merging the file descriptor closing branch which exarkun and lewq worked on, bringing FreeBSD just a few test-fixes away from being a fully supported platform - and importantly stopped the FreeBSD builder hanging on testing trunk, which will help catch regressions.

The following tickets got closed:

#4968 - Resource templating documentation has broken link to twisted.web.server.Resource which emphatically does not exist
#4881 - twisted.internet.process._listOpenFDs fails on FreeBSD because fdescfs isn't mounted by default
#4732 - Document @withRequest XML-RPC feature in the XML-RPC howto

And the following tickets got worked on:

#4854 - Replace the implementation of IReactorSSL with one based on twisted.protocols.tls
#3690 - SerialPort never calls connectionLost(reason)
#4969 - Add CONNECT support to HTTP client
#4951 - links in twisted.web docs are broken

That's it until next time, enjoy Twisted 11.0 when it comes out! We still have the PyCon sprint to report on, watch for that soon.

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