Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Introducing our new Google Summer of Code and Outreach Program for Women interns

This year as part of the Outreach Program for Women and Google Summer of Code we have three summer interns working on Twisted. We are pleased to welcome them to our development community:

Stacey Sern ("shira" on IRC) is from New Jersey, USA. She is returning to programming after a ten year hiatus to take care of her family. Previously, she developed real-time embedded software in C and C++ in the telecom industry. This past winter, she participated in Hacker School where she used Twisted for a BitTorrent client and submitted her first Twisted patches. Stacey will be working on supporting Twisted's mail infrastructure.

Kai Zhang ("kaizhang" on IRC) is 24 years old graduate student from China who likes playing soccer. Kai is working on Deferred cancellation, implementing the API for all the various sources of Deferreds in Twisted.

Shiyao Ma ("introom" on IRC) is a senior student of Tsinghua University, P.R.C.. Shiyao will continue on to a PhD program in Hong Kong UST this September, doing research on wireless sensor network. Shiyao's hobbies range from programming to Japanese animation. This summer Shiyao will be working on integrating Twisted with the Parsley parser-generator, and any necessary improvements to Parsley.

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