Saturday, May 18, 2013

Migration Report

I have completed the migration scripts for deploying the services currently running on cube. They have been run against our new machine, dornkirk which is currently running with a snapshot of data.

It can currently be accessed by putting

in /etc/hosts. Please tests it, and verify that things appear to be working, but be aware that any changes will be lost, when the transition occurs.

At some point Monday or Tuesday, there will be some downtime for mail and the mailing lists, as mail-service is migrated to the new machine. For those that have accounts on cube, your data will be copied to the new machine at this point.

On Wednesday, at about 10 MDT (16 UTC), there will be downtime of all twisted services, as live data is transfered over. This may last up-to a couple of hours.

This work is made possible by the sponsorship of individuals and organizations which have donated to the Twisted project, part of the Software Freedom Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization that helps promote, improve, and develop open source software. Thanks!


Tom Prince said...

Unfortunately, the migration had to be delayed. There isn't currently an ETA of when the migration will occur.

Tom Prince said...

The migration has been rescheduled for Monday, the 27th, at the same time.

Tom Prince said...

The migration of trac and related services appears to have completed successfully.

Mail and user accounts still need to be migrated, and the web interface to mailman is thus currently unavailable.