Thursday, March 7, 2013

Second Fellowship Report

I've completed my second two weeks of development. I again spent a large amount of my time reviewing tickets. In addition, I did some development work, as well as buildbot improvements.

All told, 42 tickets got some attention that they would not have received without the sponsored development. The result was 23 closed tickets and 14 other tickets unblocked for other developers to resume work on.

Buildbot improvements

  • Added a pyflakes builder.
  • Improved lint-like builders to only show new warnings/errors introduced in the branch, rather than relative to the tip of trunk
  • Added a form to the build results page to allow switching branches and forcing builds.
  • Added an easy way to look at the history of the unsupported builders.
  • Removed links to some useless views.

This work is made possible by the sponsorship of individuals and organizations which have donated to the Twisted project, part of the Software Freedom Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization that helps promote, improve, and develop open source software. Thanks!

The tickets I reviewed, that have now been closed:

Other tickets I have reviewed:

Tickets I have closed:

Other tickets I have worked on:

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