Friday, October 21, 2011

October Sprint Report

After a brief rest, the Boston Twisted crew is back on the sprinting treadmill. Dave Sturgis came through for us once again for the venue, working with Smarterer to let us use their office space and eat their snacks last Saturday afternoon. We also took advantage of the Python Software Foundation's sprint funding program to buy all the sprinters dinner.

Eight sprinters turned out to fix bugs, add features, and review changes.

Chris (radix) (triumphantly returned from the inhospitable southwest) worked on adding a history-tracking mode to Deferreds to aid in debugging. This feature will let a developer see everything that has happened to a Deferred - what callbacks it has run, what values have passed through it, and what other Deferreds it has been associated with.

Itamar picked up a ticket relating to HTTP client support for persistent connections. He also finished up the work on adding a new transport method, abortConnection, fixed a logging bug in the new TLS implementation, and did some ticket triage and a review.

Allister (amacleod) heroically tackled the problem of our insufficient Windows testing infrastructure, getting introduced to our build farm and setting up a new Windows 7 virtual machine on it.

Jessica (jesstess) did a ton of follow-up on old tickets (1247 2115 2447 2498 2507 2513 2861), trying to learn if they are still valid and elicit further information from the original reporters. She also managed to close one which was no longer valid (but she also filed a new one for a documentation bug, in case you were worried we might run out of tickets).

Glyph knuckled down on a review for our conversion to Sphinx. We're so close I can practically taste it.

Ying (cyli) took a look at improving the authentication options for some of Twisted's built-in servers. She started with the FTP server and made great headway.

As for myself, I reviewed that abortConnection feature as well as a ticket for HTML5 support in twisted.web.template and the TLS logging bug that Itamar fixed.

Thanks to all the sprinters and to Smarterer and the PSF for their support of the sprint! We're going to do another one of these real soon, watch out for an announcement!

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