Monday, March 22, 2010

Barcelona Twisted Sprint

Yesterday's Twisted sprint at the Flumotion office was quite a success. There were six of us there, and many first time Twisted contributors.

Jan UrbaƄski worked on fixing a couple IMAP4 client search bugs. He also spent some time using psycopg's asynchronous interface to create a very Twisted-friendly postgres API, with methods that return Deferreds, and all without using any threads.

Thomas Vander Stichele and Zaheer Merali worked on addressing ambiguities on the AMP API documentation and adding support for dates and decimals to AMP.

Later Zaheer switched to pairing with Sebastien Merle who was working on adding string streaming to AMP. Meanwhile Thomas worked with Andoni Morales (who had been pairing with Sebastien) on improving the idle behavior of Twisted's glib2 integration.

Esteve Fernandez worked on adding streaming upload support to Twisted Web's resource model.

Jessica McKellar helped out remotely with reviews of fixes for Windows child process issues, Conch example bugs, Windows+Python 2.7 compatibility, and release-related documentation errors.

Kevin Horn also worked remotely on some problems with the structure of our documentation.

And I walked around and answered questions about Twisted development and made suggestions about implementation approaches to try out. I also reviewed and merged the AMP documentation fix, and also worked on another IMAP4 ticket, improving test coverage for the client's SELECT support.

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