Thursday, June 12, 2008

Twisted in the News

Love our Monkey

Two great posts from the Chesspark (and WuChess!) guys:

Oh, and did I mention Twisted-based WuChess was released?

Contracts and Jobs

Looks like someone wants some Twisted development done on LDAP and CIFS.

France's Olfeo and the U.K.'s Isotoma also looking for Twisted talent (among other skill sets).


Travis Branham is using Twisted in a CS/CE university internship:
The project revolves around mapping the uncertainty in position of moving objects. If an object is moving, and providing updates for its position at discrete intervals, it can sometimes be useful to know where that object could be between those updates.
He's written a custom SMTP and HTTP server for this.


Holden Web and Divmod are providing an introductory Twisted seminar for executives, managers, and technical directors in Washington, D.C. this Summer.

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