Monday, June 9, 2008

TSF Sponsored Development

Hello all,

On Friday I finished the first two weeks of funded Twisted development, I'm happy to say the two weeks went great and I got a lot accomplished.

The very, very high-level summary is that I started off by emptying the Twisted review queue and then moved on to finishing some twisted.web tasks which had been started previously by other developers and then abandoned for lack of time or interest or whatever other reason. All told, I did 35 reviews on 29 tickets and did development on 8 others. I also spent some time cleaning duplicate or invalid tickets out of the Twisted tracker. This collectively resulted in 32 tickets being closed over the past two weeks. Here are the tickets closed as a direct result of this work:

#1789 - twisted.conch.test.test_filetransfer.TestOurServerOurClient.testOpenFileAttributes (and perhaps others) leaks file descriptors
#3213 - twisted.conch.ssh.filetransfer.FileTransferServer leaks file descriptors
#3203 - PortableGtkReactor is broken
#3098 - filepath.FilePath.walk loops forever if there is a symlink pointing back up the file tree
#3033 - mkdir(a); mkdir(a) logs an unhandled error in SFTP
#3054 - Small error in the documentation for pb
#2881 - Add a variable in twisted.python.runtime to check for vista
#2374 - testOpenSSLBuffering fails intermittently on a dapper machine (running in vmware) because it uses reactor.iterate
#2918 - intermittent twisted.test.test_ssl.SpammyTLSTestCase.testUnTLS failure on OS X
#3210 - test_pb.NewCredTestCase is insanely long and causes some intermittent failures
#3119 - trial leaks memory/objects/something
#3052 - twistd logging options needs to be tested
#3266 - Provide tools for managing new deprecation policy
#3191 - in manhole in gnome-terminal_ lines longer than the terminal is wide result in excessive scrolling and duplication
#3105 - symlink support and docstrings in filepath.FilePath.copyTo/moveTo
#3267 - Typo in the Asynchronous Programming howto
#3184 - Trial minimal reporter prints a negative run time in summary
#1410 - spawnProcess on unix doesn't handle case where os.fork fails cleanly
#2305 - twisted/internet/ leaks file descriptors when os.fork() raises
#3272 - sorting the --profile output in trial
#3259 - Improved some error messagge in
#2713 - trial -u can fail doctests on second pass
#2698 - Build Bug on Cygwin
#914 - xmlrpc.QueryFactory failed to catch some exceptions
#1057 - Incorrect and misleading arg name msSinceEpoch
#2017 - t.w.client.getPage returning ConnectionDone: Connection was closed cleanly error
#1412 - ExpatError on xmlrpc client connection close
#393 - [PATCH] HTTP Basic Auth based guard
#1108 - web2 needs SOAP support
#909 - microdom getElementsByTagName
#687 - web.client needs documentation and/or data-checking for method argument
#165 - [PATCH]Multiple header with same name support in http

Of particular note, I think, are the following:

#3213: Prior to this fix, the Twisted SFTP server would leak any file descriptors not closed before the end of an SFTP session.

#3203: This fix restores Gtk2 support on Windows. We have also set up a Gtk2 Windows builder which is now passing all but one test.

#1410: Prior to this fix, an error when calling os.fork() would cause reactor.spawnProcess to leak any pipes it opened and potentially to continue running in the main process with the wrong UID/GID.

#165: This adds support for multiple values for each header to the twisted.web server. Previously only the last value received would be made available to applications.

Six more tickets are waiting to be reviewed and will hopefully be closed soon. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked on tickets I reviewed over the past couple weeks. Twisted development is a collaborative process and I wouldn't have made nearly as big a dent without all of their help. I also want to thank Thomas Hervé in particular, who authored a lot of the code I reviewed and also (if I kept track properly) did every review of code I submitted over the the past two weeks.

In addition to doing work on tickets from the tracker, I also addressed two other issues with Twisted's buildbot. First, I took one of the compact build result views and split it into a supported-only view and an everything view to make it easier to find out the status of recent builds on supported platforms. These two views are linked from the main Twisted buildbot page, - see the "Latest builds" link. Second, I improved the error reporting for the setuptools-enabled builder, making it easier to track down the cause of some setuptools-related problems.

Thanks to the SFC (<>) and all of the sponsors (<>) who made this possible.


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