Monday, December 10, 2007

Twisted BuildBot Upgrade

I updated Twisted's buildbot installation to 0.7.6 a few days ago. This after investigating setting up a buildbot for the PyPy project. Since I had a chance to look at 0.7.6 in a fresh environment for PyPy, I saw enough that it looked like an upgrade for Twisted would be safe. It was, more or less. There are still some problems (certain actions cause slaves to become lost or hung, the permissions aren't fine-grained enough, and there are some strange problems reporting history which I don't fully understand, some links are generated wrong). However, the new HTML status views which are available in 0.7.6 may be worth this. After I got the basics working, I exploded the "one box per builder" view into this one. This is approaching the view we've wanted for a long time, and it only took about an hour of hacking to accomplish it (unfortunately the code is all untested, so it's basically garbage, but it'll serve for now I suppose).

An improvement which would be nice is to have builds aligned vertically so that each column represents a particular build across all the builders. It would also be nice if the default view only included trunk views, and if it were easier to adjust the number of columns, and if there were more useful links in the boxes, and if the "current status" area had a bit more information, and if the builder names linked to the builder information pages.

However, it's progress.

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