Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SFC Sponsored Development, Oct-Dec by Amber

Hi everyone,

Along with Adi, I'm supposed to be publishing these too :)

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the Software Freedom Conservancy (of which our part is colloquially known as the Twisted Software Foundation) was able to financially support me as one of the Twisted Fellows. My job is to review tickets, and assist with the Git migration -- this report is mostly about the former, but does have some promising news about the latter.

This groups the tickets under reviewed and triaged -- you can get the full details of my work here, from Trac (which includes both SFC funded ticket reviewing, and non-SFC funded work on code).

Tickets reviewed:

- #5388 (merged): IRI implementation
- #5911 (merged): Support the 'HttpOnly' flag when setting cookies
- #6833: Port twisted.protocols.amp to Python 3
- #7037 (merged): Write test for cftp._cbPutTargetAttrs or remove untested / unused code.
- #7993: Port twisted.web.wsgi to Python 3
- #8082: Document deprecation policy and how to implement a deprecation
- #8107: Add a custom pyflakes runner to ignore Twisted excepted files
- #8116: Deprecate LoopingCall.deferred
- #8121: Port twisted.protocols.htb to Python 3
- #8122 (merged): Final pyflakes cleanup
- #8131 (merged): Port twisted.python.roots to Python 3
- #8132: Port twisted.web.vhost to Python 3
- #8138 (merged): twisted.conch.endpoints._NewConnectionHelper leaks agent connection

Tickets triaged:

- #1436 (invalid): add getCookie/setCookie to web2.http_headers.Headers
- #1920 (invalid): RedirectResponse takes a full href, not a uri
- #2342 (invalid): scgi client doesn't handle content-length
- #2343 (invalid): createCGIEnvironment should refuse if path segments have a /
- #2544 (invalid):[s]cgi contain multiple uses of a function that doesn't exist.
- #3329 (invalid): HTTP's #(...) syntax allows null contents
- #4081 (wontfix): tap2rpm should allow setting RPM dependency information
- #4082 (wontfix): tap2rpm should read configuration from the .tac file it packages.
- #4230 (invalid): Correct exception text in twisted.web2.http_headers:HeaderHandler
- #4426 (wontfix): tap2deb should generate LSB headers for DependencyBasedBoot
- #5875 (wontfix): tap2rpm assumes $PREFIX is /usr
- #6081 (wontfix): Reject unicode in http_headers
- #6168 (wontfix): Enforce type (bytes) of header name and values in twisted.web.http_headers
- #6178 (closed): Port twisted.web.util to Python 3
- #6920 (wontfix): twisted.scripts.test.test_tap2deb.TestTap2DEB.test_basicOperation fails (on Gentoo?)
- #7497 (closed): twistd produces confusing behavior under Python3
- #8007 (closed): API docs try to load urchin.js over http
- #8036: Document how the new logging system should be used and tested in new code

- With others, assembled and proposed a Git Migration Plan, which has now been approved.

Expect to see more in the coming weeks about the Git migration!

- Amber Brown
TSF Fellow & Twisted Release Manager

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