Friday, November 6, 2015

October 2015 - SFC Sponsored Development

October 2015 - SFC Sponsored Development

This is my first post from a series of post dedicated to my work as part of the 2015-2016 Twisted Maintainer Fellowship program.

The Twisted project via Software Freedom Conservancy were kind enought to contract me as a consultant to help with the review queue and the Git migration.
I am sharing this Twisted Maintainer Fellowship program with Amber aka Hawkie aka hawkowl.

Below is the report for October 2015.

Tickets reviewed and merged:

  • #7994 - twisted.python.urlpath update to work with bytes
  • #7717 - Support for diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 in conch.ssh
  • #8042 - Python 3.5 support in Ubuntu 15.10
  • #8028 - Improve error handling in twisted.cred.checkers.FilePasswordDB.
  • #6197 - Port twisted.web.client.downloadPage to Python 3
  • #7650 - Support IPv6 address literals in IAgent implementations
Tickets reviewd and not yet merged:
  • #6757 - SSL server endpoints client certificate retrieval
  • #7926 - Improve TLSMemoryBIOProtocol.loseConnection
  • #8036 - Document the usage and testing of the new logging system in Twisted own code.
  • #7985 - Use sdist to build Twisted distributables.
  • #7860 - Add support for NPN and ALPN
  • #8025 - Have Trial on Windows with Python 3
  • #7826 - Python2.6 cleaup in Trial.
  • #5976 - Python2.6 cleanp in Trial.
  • #8068 - twisted.python.urlpath Python 3 regression.
For the Git migration part I have investigated the current infrastructure and created tickets for each part of the infrastructure which require Git migration work.

All Git migration work is planed to be deployed and documented using the twisted-infra/braid infrastructure help tool and developed using a Vagrant VM. All task are attached to the dedicated Git migration milestone.

No changed related to the Git migration were applied yet to the Twisted infrastructure.

I have also tried to engage with Twisted contributors to get some feedback regarding how we can improve the contribution and the review process.

During the last month, and after a very long time we manage to get the review queue to zero.

We don't have a way to measure the review response time, but during the last month we should also see better response times with review requests not waiting more than 3 or 4 days in the queue, many of which were replied in less than 34 hours.

Thanks to the Software Freedom Conservancy and all of the sponsors who made this possible, as well as to all the other Twisted developers who helped out by writing or reviewing code.

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