Thursday, December 20, 2012

Second pre-release of Twisted 12.3.0

As it turns out, making a 4th release in 2012 wasn't going to be easy! Thanks to the testing of David Reid, we found and fixed an issue with pip which was making installation difficult when zope.interface was missing. And we got another fix with the help of Eric Mangold, fixing the compilation on OpenBSD.

The tarballs of the second pre-release can be found here:

Thank you for testing it again!


Andrew Svetlov said...

What twisted subsystems has no Python 3 support?

Jean-Paul Calderone said...

Hi Andrew,

You can get some idea of what has been ported by looking at the lists defined here:

Most of the modules in the `modules` list in that file have been completely ported. The rest have been partially ported (and will expose only a subset of their Python 2 API on Python 3).

We will continue to update this list as more porting work is done.