Saturday, May 26, 2012

Twisted 12.1.0pre1

Thanks to the efforts of Thomas Hervé, Twisted 12.1.0pre1 pre-release is now available for testing.You can find the tarballs here:
Among the 106 tickets closed since our last release, you can find:

  • The revival of the kqueue reactor for BSD platforms.
  • epoll is now the default reactor under Linux after a fix to handle files on stdin/stdout.
  • New reactors supporting GTK3 and GObject-Introspection.
  • Several enhancements regarding file descriptors passing: systemd support for servers, ability to send and receive file descriptors across Unix sockets, and an AMP argument using that feature.
  • Support for IPv6 literals in connectTCP.
  • Persistent connections support for the new HTTP client.
This will be the last release supporting Python 2.5. Please give it a round of tests to help make a great release!

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