Monday, January 16, 2012

December Sprint Report

Twisted sprint? Twisted sprint! Here's the final Twisted sprint report of 2011, from our December 10th event at Smarterer in Boston.

David Sturgis:

  • was Sprint Host and Food Wrangler
  • discussed miscellaneous twisted.web feature

JP Calderone:

  • investigated 64 bit Windows 7 IPv6 problems
  • finished #5383: Provide a library for simple valued named constants
  • finished #5084: Accept IPv6 address literals (with embedded scope ids) in IReactorTCP.listenTCP
  • reviewed #3420: twisted.web.client persistent connections
  • reviewed #1902: compatibility work-around for commercial SSH 2.0.12 misbehaviours
  • reviewed #5400: Change UDP port to have an explicit state machine, and no FileDescriptor dependency
  • reviewed #3648: twisted.cred.credentials.UsernameHashedPassword doesn't hash password strings when checkPassword

This was the last sprint for JP as a Bostonian. We will miss you!


  • worked on #5427: Improve core documentation index page
  • reviewed #5383: Provide a library for simple valued named constants

Alex Levy:

  • made headway on several website and documentation improvements


  • discussed and then worked on #1956: Make a less sucky producer/consumer API

I (Jessica McKellar):

  • reviewed #5427: Improve core documentation index page
  • reviewed #5429: Documentation index
  • reviewed #5422: example is excessively complex

Thank you David for organizing this, and Smarterer for hosting.

Thank you to everyone who closed out 2011 with contributions to Twisted!


Greg Taylor said...

Great to see the documentation work, this is appreciated!

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