Monday, January 16, 2012

December Sprint Report

Twisted sprint? Twisted sprint! Here's the final Twisted sprint report of 2011, from our December 10th event at Smarterer in Boston.

David Sturgis:

  • was Sprint Host and Food Wrangler
  • discussed miscellaneous twisted.web feature

JP Calderone:

  • investigated 64 bit Windows 7 IPv6 problems
  • finished #5383: Provide a library for simple valued named constants
  • finished #5084: Accept IPv6 address literals (with embedded scope ids) in IReactorTCP.listenTCP
  • reviewed #3420: twisted.web.client persistent connections
  • reviewed #1902: compatibility work-around for commercial SSH 2.0.12 misbehaviours
  • reviewed #5400: Change UDP port to have an explicit state machine, and no FileDescriptor dependency
  • reviewed #3648: twisted.cred.credentials.UsernameHashedPassword doesn't hash password strings when checkPassword

This was the last sprint for JP as a Bostonian. We will miss you!


  • worked on #5427: Improve core documentation index page
  • reviewed #5383: Provide a library for simple valued named constants

Alex Levy:

  • made headway on several website and documentation improvements


  • discussed and then worked on #1956: Make a less sucky producer/consumer API

I (Jessica McKellar):

  • reviewed #5427: Improve core documentation index page
  • reviewed #5429: Documentation index
  • reviewed #5422: example is excessively complex

Thank you David for organizing this, and Smarterer for hosting.

Thank you to everyone who closed out 2011 with contributions to Twisted!

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