Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Buildbot!

And far to the East where strife sired shadows
A baelnorn.local did rise and approach the light.
Out came illidan.local over once fair meadows,
And in defeat left his people weeping for their plight.
kabuto.local's A Record
Jean-Paul and I had some hardware adventures a couple weekends ago.  As these things usually are, it was harrowing - but perhaps less so than it might have been.  By combining, in approximately equal parts, some unused components which have been ripening in the back of a closet in JP's apartment and some newly acquired materiels from the local vendor everyone (well, we, at least) loves to hate, and with only a few false starts involving incorrect memory channel configurations, Twisted now has the use of a somewhat hefty new computer, visible here in its new home, the undisclosed subterranean location that hosts all of Twisted's buildbot machines:

New Buildbot

Don't ask my why it glows blue; it is my understanding that this is simply the fashion these days.

With enough cores and gigabytes of memory so that I have trouble counting them all, this machine should serve us well hosting many a build slave.  It has already taken over the duties of several older slaves, including those of a couple Windows slaves, care of kvm (the machine itself is running Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) of course).  The very nice network it is attached to means that remotely interacting with these is now only minimally unpleasant.

The machine is also translating PyPy (in a respectable 34 minutes) once a week so we can continue to test Twisted against the latest development versions of the PyPy runtime.

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