Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Twisted Sprint Report

Our highly productive Sunday Somerville sprint was attended by glyph, cyli, tpratt, tenth, itamar, mesozoic and myself (exarkun).  Also sprinting remotely were thijs, spiv, and magcius.  All told, we closed twelve tickets:

#3372 deprecate --extra option to trial
#3412 Include link to IMAP Server Tester in Twisted IMAP documentation
#4042 [Documentation] It is too hard to figure out how to do trivial common-case sending email with twisted.mail
#4054 Delete all of the out-of-date mumbo jumbo from the "im" howto
#4438 Declare dependencies explicitly when we add them
#4491 Release Twisted 10.0.1
#4547 Remove deprecated twisted.protocols.loopback.loopback
#4712 Missing bits of statinfo accessors in FilePath
#4738 ckeygen man page has wrong summary and synopsis
#4740 Use strcred for `twistd mail` authentication options
#4773 The core howto index should link to the endpoints howto
#4786 twcgi duplicate header

More tickets were also worked on and reviewed but not quite yet ready to close:

#4317 twisted.web.http.Request allows you to write to a finished request.
#3896 Passing a unicode object to request.write corrupts the entire response
#4796 twistd mail plugin esmtp problem
#4760 HTTPPageGetter shouldn't make two requests with an afterFoundGet
#4632 ability to cascade canceling inlineCallbacks's deferred
#3077 twistd --help plugin list isn't alphabetized

There was also a lively discussion about plans for the future support of Twisted on Windows.  If you're interested in Windows networking, keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement on that topic!

Once again we were lucky enough to have tenth host the sprint, so in addition to shelter from the frozen terrorscape scant meters away, sprinters also enjoyed delicious fresh baked bread and other tasty morsels.

If you couldn't make it to this sprint, watch for an announcement of the next one sometime soon.  Or join us at PyCon for as many as four days of Twisted hacking!

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