Monday, November 29, 2010

Twisted 10.2.0 Released!

Twisted 10.2.0, the third Twisted release of 2010, has emerged from the mysterious depths of Twisted Matrix Labs, as so many releases before it. Survivors of the release process - what few there were of them - have been heard to claim that this version is "awesome", "even more robust", "fun-sized" and "oven fresh".

Crossing several things that shouldn't ought to be, including the streams and the rubicon, I have assumed the triple responsibilities of feature author, project leader, and release manager for 10.2: with this dark and terrible power - a power which no man ought to wield alone - I have wrought a release which contains many exciting new features, including:

And, of course, nearly one hundred smaller bug fixes, documentation updates, and general improvements. See the NEWS file included in the release for more details.

Look upon our Twisted, ye mighty, and make your network applications event-driven: get it now, from:
... or simply install the 'Twisted' package from PyPI.

Many thanks to Christopher Armstrong, for his work on release-automation tools that made this possible; to Jonathan Lange, for thoroughly documenting the process and thereby making my ascent to the throne of release manager possible, and to Jean-Paul Calderone for his tireless maintenance of our build and test infrastructure as well as his help with the release.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who contributed a patch, reported a bug or reviewed a ticket for 10.2.  Not including those already thanked, there are 41 of you, so it would be a bit tedious to go through everyone, but you know who you are and we absolutely couldn't do it without you!  Thanks a ton!

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