Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Summary of December Sponsored Twisted Development

With a lot of help from Allen Short, two more weeks of sponsored Twisted development have just been completed. During this round, I continued to work on the new HTTP client and spent some time trying to resolve some long-standing issues around Twisted's support for starting and controlling child processes. Meanwhile, Allen developed a plan for integrating the SIP code, maintained by Divmod, Inc. outside of Twisted for several years, into Twisted and the existing SIP support in Twisted.

The SIP-related work that Allen did encompassed these tickets:

#2194 - small bug in SIP Via header generation
#3575 - Common implementation of RFC 2617 digest authentication
#3582 - Improve SIP URI parsing/formatting
#3583 - Include SIP message-parsing changes from Sine
#3584 - SIP transport layer and transaction layer

These are the process tickets that I worked on:

#733 - twisted's SIGCHLD handler breaks popen
#1997 - perhaps wakeUp could be slightly simpler (closed)
#2967 - Reaping child processes has superlinear complexity on POSIX
#3571 - intermittent spawnProcess failure in test_process on Linux (closed)
#3576 - add high-level, cross-platform close-on-exit togglers to t.i.fdesc

A lot of this work consisted of getting some old code which Glyph had previously worked on but never completed updated and brought closer to being ready for a real code review. The summary of #1997 is a bit misleading - while the change did simplify the reactor's "wake up" mechanism, it also removed a race condition, fixing a bug which could cause certain events to fall into a limbo where they could only ever be processed after another event arrived.

Aside from process related tickets and the HTTP client, I worked on a few other tickets as well:

#2808 - AMP should raise MissingArgument (or other) if a callRemote is called with wrong arguments (closed)
#3246 - remove all mentions of plugins.tml from the documentation (closed)
#3562 - Setup Python 3.0 buildslave(s) (closed)
#3568 - ERROR from conch test when pycrypto is not installed
#3569 - Twisted Web WSGI container sometimes emits too many (or duplicate) headers (closed)

The Python 3.0 buildslave will probably garner the most interest of the bunch. The resolution of this ticket does not mean that Twisted supports Python 3.0 now. It just means that we've added a column to our buildbot (continuous integration system). We can now tell at any given time that Twisted does not support Python 3.0. ;) But seriously, with this slave set up, we can accept contributions which move Twisted towards Python 3.0 compatibility, but I don't plan to spend any time doing such development myself in the near future. There's a ton of other more pressing issues, so I'll leave Python 3.0 work to people who think they'll benefit from it.

As for the new HTTP client, this round of development moves it inexorably towards completion. Itamar Shtull-Trauring and I spent several days improving its error handling, simplifying some of the more hideous parts of the implementation, and dealing with various corner cases (and HTTP 1.1 sure has a lot of them). The development branch also includes a sketch (only a sketch) of the higher-level API we're planning to provide on top of the low-level protocol implementation (the sketch is currently undocumented and a bit obtuse, so it may not make sense without me or Itamar looking over your shoulder) and an example which uses the APIs provided by the low-level protocol to implement a simple web client (something along the lines of wget or curl, but obviously much, much, much more rudamentary).

That's it for now. It'll be 2009 when I post the next one of these. 2008 has been a great year for Twisted development, and I know that things are just going to get better. :) Thanks again to the Software Freedom Conservancy, all of the Twisted Sponsors, and all the other developers who contribute to Twisted.

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