Thursday, July 10, 2008

June/July TSF Sponsored Development

The second (of what should end up being many) round of TSF sponsored development has just wrapped up. Like last time, this was two weeks of work by yours truly (with an afternoon of Glyph's time spent reviewing code to keep things moving). This time around there were fewer tickets waiting to be reviewed when I got started, however there was still plenty of code to look at. Over the full period, I reviewed:

#1144 Documentation: twisted.internet.reactor does not appear in the API docs
#1253 Create index.xhtml files for non-core doc trees
#1255 Update copyrights in the man pages
#1878 twisted.web.monitor traceback_ AttributeError: class IChangeNotified has no attribute '__class__'
#1890 move examples from core into correct sub-packages
#1900 Error in documentation online
#2169 twisted.plugin documentation errors
#2208 Standardize on the Python shebang line
#2438 Get rid of references to maintainer email addresses from code
#2552 broken links in intro.xhtml
#2607 conch.checks.SSHPublicKeyDatabase calls os.seteuid/os.setegid even if it's not necessary
#2716 Eliminate relative imports from twisted.conch
#2815 Update VFS backends to an async interface
#2821 create twistd plugin for vfs
#2845 twisted.internet.thread._putResultInDeferred should be public
#3182 Trivial typo in twisted.internet.protocol
#3257 Rewrite twisted.web.static.File.directoryListing to not use woven
#3269 curses.setupterm must only be called once per process
#3300 twistd should support setting the syslog facility
#3326 Typo in

Other tickets I worked on included:

#1069 log observers that throw exceptions should not be removed
#1152 xmlrpc.html doesn't describe how to return errors to the client
#1291 Expose "process exited" hook on ProcessProtocol_ turning current processEnded into user-overriddable behavior
#1493 static File web module doesn't support byte ranges
#2303 Deprecate setUpClass and tearDownClass and_ if possible_ fix the subclassing behaviour.
#2327 Intermittent failure in PB tests
#2631 Update coding standard to indicate preference for TestCase methods which being with "assert" and which do not have an underscore in their name
#2874 _sslverify.problemsFromTransport should be deprecated
#3029 documentation for twisted.python.deprecate.deprecated is incomplete (and other sundries)
#3059 twisted.internet.tcp.Client.getPeer incorrectly returns hostnames
#3116 Errors in processEnded can cause processes to be eternally reaped
#3159 t.i.utils process functions should have a default cwd of None_ not '.'
#3218 SSL disconnection sometimes hangs indefinitely with pyOpenSSL 0.7
#3255 Trial fails to display the line where the error occured in case of SyntaxError
#3300 twistd should support setting the syslog facility
#3301 superfluous local in AMP.__init__
#3305 CR IAC ignored in TelnetClient
#3306 twisted.test.test_ssl.StolenTCPTestCase has a number of defects
#3339 mailmail raises an exception instead of giving an error message

In particular, I spent a lot of time on #1291 which will make it possible to control child processes more precisely with Twisted by separating out the notification that a child process has actually exited from the notification that all of its file descriptors have been closed.

Thanks to the SFC (<>) and all of the sponsors (<>) who made this possible, as well as to all the other Twisted developers who helped out by writing or reviewing code.

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