Saturday, May 17, 2008

Twisted in the News

More Thoughts on Concurrency

The folks at isotoma took some time to thoughtfully respond to my inquiry for more information on the areas where they felt that Twisted was lacking in support of concurrency. This was a fabulous read. Really well done with some hilarious Steve Yegge quotes. I encourage everyone to check it out (but I won't spoil the ending :-) For related reading, you might want to check out these PDFs (thanks Allen Short!):

Software Releases

The open source world has seen some Twisted-related software releases:


We got a mention in Jon Resig's blog post about Mozilla Build and Test Integration as one of the projects that uses Buildbot. Sadly, he failed to mention that Buidlbot itself is built with Twisted ;-)


Zenoss, a Founding Sponsor of the Twisted Software Foundation, has issues a press release about their support of Twisted. Additionally, we're now sponsored by three subsidiaries (Contentinople, Internet Evolution, and Light Reading) of the publishing megacorp UBM (formerly CMP).


Divmod has a new web site up, where they announce that they're officially providing specialized Twisted services in the form of consulting (full disclosure: I work for Divmod).

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Duncan McGreggor said...

Best quote from the "Software Challenge of the Future" report so far:

"Yet, from the perspective of the underlying science and engineering knowledge base, software is the least well understood and the most problematic element of large-scale systems. Software and software project failures are among the dominant causes of system cost and schedule overruns; of failures of systems to satisfy the requirements of those who procure and use them; and, increasingly, of costly and dangerous system failures."