Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twisted 8.0 released!

MASSACHUSETTS (DP) -- Version 8.0 of the Twisted networking framework has been released, Twisted Matrix Laboratories announced Wednesday.

Enslaved by his new robotic overlords, Master of the Release Christopher Armstrong presented the new package to the Internet on March 26th. Armstrong was unable to comment, because of a device worn around his neck preventing him from doing so, scientists say.

Secretary of Defense Jean-Paul Calderone was asked about concerns that French interference may have played a role in the delay of this release. "I find such speculation preposterous. Thomas Hervé is an upstanding member of the Labs and his loyalties lie with us. He is a fine addition to our team." Rumors in the community allege that Secretary Calderone is holding Hervé's cat ransom until the release is successfully distributed. Hervé was unavailable for comment.

This release comes shortly after the announcement by Chief of Public Affairs Duncan McGreggor that Twisted had joined the Software Freedom Conservancy. "We're happy to join the SFC, and we are now accepting sponsorship. The fact that we are now ruled by a cabal of robots should not put off potential donors. Our robotic overlords are running us at peak efficiency, so we can most effectively distribute The Love."

Asked about the version number jump in this release, Commander-in-Chief Glyph Lefkowitz had the following to say: "Our benefactors have found our previous dice-rolling version number scheme to be inadequate, and have deigned to propose to us a more... logical system of versioning."

Twisted 8.0 is a major feature release, with several new features and a great number of bug fixes. Some of the highlights follow.
  • The IOCP reactor is now much improved and many bugs have been resolved.
  • Twisted is now easy_installable.
  • Many improvements were made to Trial, Twisted's unit testing system.
  • A new memcache client protocol implementation was added.
  • So much more!
To see the full list of changes in its fifteen kilobytes of glory, see the release notes. We welcome you to download and enjoy, and please file any bugs you find and send comments to the mailing list.

Why the large version number bump? We've decided to switch to a time-based versioning scheme. "8.0" means the first release in 2008.


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Jared said...

I don't believe your versioning scheme is y3k compliant.

(awesome news though ;P)